Animal Jam Hack Cheats – Get Membership and Codes

animal jam hack

Animal Jam it is one of the most played games by kids, it is obviously now because it was the winner of “Best app for Kid” in 2017 by Google and that isn’t something we can’t get in consideration when we are about to choose a suitable game for our kids. All these goods made me give a try on this game and after i played it i was literally amazed from the wonderful job WildWorks did with this game, it is almost perfect for any thing your kids look in now days. There is no luck in this community as you will definitely find and chat with the nicest people you could ever imagine. Animal Jam as long as i could see it’s not only a game it is a platform where you as a kid can increase your knowledge about animals and nature by learning characteristics of all animals and pretending to be one of them as you have to choose an animal character to play this game, that will help you to learn how each one of animal lives their life. The game is free to play but in order of your parents permission and even if they give you permission they will be able to access your social life there from their dashboard that is created from games developers. After you get more into this game you’ll know more about gems, diamonds and membership, don’t worry about it as we will explain those features in this article too.
Having a membership will easily increase your performance in game because you will get access to exclusive features as animals, adventures and pets. The game is available in mobiles too and is called Animal Jam Play Wild, which it’s a 3D game for phones and will help you be in touch with the game when you are not home or close to a computer.


What are Animal Jam Codes?

Animal jam has the so called codes which will reward players with items or gems, the codes can be entered in two ways lowercase or uppercase as that doesn’t make much change. Some examples of how codes look like are ajtreasurechest and ajplaycards which will give you 1000 and respectively 500 gems when u enter them. Animal Jam Codes are released by developers but you can get the latest codes using animal jam hack tool which will make it easier for you as will be in touch with the servers and fetch latest codes for you. On our latest version of generator we created not all players will be allowed to participate, so first placed get first served with our animal jam cheats. Do animal jam codes expire? Yeah definitely as codes are released in holidays and will work for few days not that long, but you will be receiving these codes the first day they will come out.

Is membership important?

This page is built only to show you the truth about this game and we wont talk crap only to make you happy, but only the truth and the truth is that the most powerful feature a player could have in this game is animal jam membership, so if u don’t have a membership we can’t say that you can compete membership players while you are a regular one. You don’t have why to get mad about it or anything else as we know that not all players can afford to pay for it, as the cost is about 60 usd for 12 months which will get you 25000 gems, 60 diamonds and plenty of sapphires, therefore the tool we created has built in the option to generate membership for your account and no fee, that will not occur any problem with your account or anything related to that, thus that’s the last thing u should worry about. At this moment we can only give you up to 6 months animal jam membership, but you will be able to generate another membership after 6 months one expires, however u will get about same amount of gems and diamonds, i think that will satisfy you more as u receiving them without spending anything. The platform animal jam hack tool we developed allow you to gift the membership you generated to a specific player you met in the game as definitely you have found a really nice mate there, based on stats the animal jam community it is one of the nicest community around.

Using the Animal Jam Hack Generator

The Animal Jam Hack will give you the highest amount of benefits you could ever get in this game. A specific player might ask himself is this true, is this available, if it’s can i use it? All these questions might flood in your brain but we have one answer for all your questions, a big YES. The animal jam cheats literally doesn’t need much from you, only your username and the amount of resources like gems, sapphires and diamonds you like to produce for your account. With all that stuff completed you will be set to receive the goods you always wanted. We are in touch and we know that there are plenty of animal jam hack generators, but unfortunately none of them works, some of them used to work way ago, however lately they are just a piece of code left behind if u consider them with our tool. Based on proxies rotation and using the last crypted codes for being secure, we ain’t surprised if our generator is conquering others, that’s why we thought and decided to update this platform every two weeks. With the next updates you will have more options and you will be even more safe whenever you will use the generator. Using it often it is not a problem at all, based on stats we have done, generator can be used two to three times a day and no problems will occur for your account as that will be fine with games servers.


The most wanted currency and in the same time the most special one is Diamonds, having them will make you able to get animals,armor and other exclusive items. They weren’t introduced in the same time as game released but they come out in mid of 2013. You can win diamonds in daily spins, however the amount of diamonds you will get even if you win won’t be enough to purchase amazing items with them. The best feature of items in diamonds inventory is that they change often and you can get different items each time, as i mentioned before u can produce diamonds with our animal jam hack generator.


Different than the rare and special ones called Diamonds, but Gems are the most used and not the rarest value in this game. With gems you can get clothes, furniture and many more stuff in shops that are based on Jamaa. Gems don’t have only one color they can either be blue, green, orange or purple. Gems can be earned through quizzes, adventure, spins and other mini games, also another way of earning gems is by using animal jam codes or having animal jam membership which will give you an advantage to other regular players as you will get plenty of gems. Having membership will give you the rarest animals as Arctic Wolf, Lion and Snow Leopard